Programme Structure

Each academic year begins in January and ends in December, and is divided into two semesters. There is a vacation break in June and December between semesters, and a one-week recess between terms within each semester.

For the three-year, full-time Acting Programme commencing in academic year 2018, the commencement date is 2 January 2018.


* Each term consists of 10 – 11 weeks with duration of 1.5 h to 4 h per class.

In Year 1 and 2 (Semester 1-4), the terms consist of 9 – 10 Training and Teaching Weeks and 1 Presentation and Evaluation & Assessment Week. Immersions in Theatre Traditions are taught for one term per form.

In Year 3 (Semester 5 and 6) the cohort works as a theatre company, and training or studies undertaken will be subject to rehearsal and performance requisites of the selected production. Students are required to create, rehearse, develop, devise, workshop or train with a view to presenting the production to a paying, public audience in Singapore. Each cohort will present at least three public productions.

StudentsĀ are not allowed to defer any part of the programme.