Assessment & Evaluation

Students will be assessed and evaluated by the Director and the Faculty (including visiting directors). This may be done in two ways: (1) continual evaluations of studio and class work and (2) assessments of semester-end presentations or performances. Some modules adopt one mode of assessment and evaluation or the other. Others adopt a proportion of both.

Students receive a verbal and written report on their performance, and a grade of ‘Pass with Distinction’, ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’, for the relevant modules at the end of each semester, and also for each final-year production at the end of the production. The Examination Board will give their endorsement of the Director’s recommendation on the students’ suitability to be awarded the Professional Diploma.

Upon graduation, students will receive the Professional Diploma of Intercultural Theatre (Acting) as well as a record of their training throughout the programme. They must meet the following criteria:

  • Pass all the modules in Year 1 and Year 2
  • Performed in all final-year productions and passed the assessment
  • Completed the final-year theatremaking project

An appeal process is available to students who wish to appeal any assessment result.

Details of the assessment approach and appeal process are found in the Student Handbook.