Asian Intercultural Conference 2008


Theatre Today: Seeking New Paradigms

The inaugural conference was organised by TTRP (now ITI) in collaboration with the National University of Singapore Theatre Studies Programme.

Date: 28 May – 1 Jun 2008

Venue: Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road



Keynote Speakers
Stan Lai (Taiwan) Director/playwright; Artistic Director, Performance Workshop 


T. Sasitharan (Singapore) Co-Founder & Director, TTRP 


Speakers & Panellists
Felimon B. Blanco (The Philippines) Actor/director; Artistic Director, Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur; TTRP Class of 2005


Erik Ehn (USA) Dean, School of Theatre, California Institute of Arts


Richard Emmert (USA/Japan) Professor of Asian Theatre and Music, Musashino University; Founder & Director, Theatre Nohgaku; Noh instructor/performer/director


Uichiro Fueda (Japan) Director/actor


Miyuki Kamimura (Japan) Actor; TTRP Class of 2005


Kok Heng Leun (Singapore) Director/playwright; Artistic Director, Drama Box


Li Qiu Ping (China) Senior Lecturer, Shanghai Theatre Academy; Chinese Drama Association


Themis Lin Pei-Ann (Taiwan) Actor/director; Co-Founder, EX-Theatre Asia; TTRP Class of 2003
Sumit Mandal (Malaysia) Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Malaysian and International Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Mohamed Kunju Noushad (India) Actor; Artistic Director, Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts; visiting faculty of National School of Drama; TTRP Class of 2005


Paul Rae (Singapore) Director/playwright; Artistic Director, Spell#7; Theatre Studies Programme, National University of Singapore


Sajeev Purushothama (India) Actor; ITI final year student


Makoto Sato (Japan) Playwright/director; Co-Founder, Blacktent Theatre


Sardono W. Kusumo (Indonesia) Rector, Jakarta Institute of the Arts Assisted by Bambang Besur Suryono, Wayang Wong performer


Peter Sau (Singapore) Director/actor; ITI Class of 2003


Mitsuyo Uesugi (Japan) Butoh performer; Co-Founder, Ahiru Studio


Gopalan N. Venu (India) Director, Natanakairali Research and Performing Centre for Traditional Arts, Ammannur Chakyar Madhom
Assisted by Kapila Venu, Kutiyattam performer


Yeo Yann Yann (Singapore) Actor; TTRP Class of 2003


Phillip B. Zarrilli (United Kingdom)


Professor of Drama, University of Exeter
David Zinder (Israel) Professor at Theatre Arts Department, Tel Aviv University


Designations of speakers and panellists were current at time of conference

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28 May


29 May


30 May


31 May


1 Jun

1st Session 


to 10.50am


Keynote 1 

Engaging the Contemporary: A Singaporean Perspective on Theatre and Training

- T. Sasitharan

Plenary 1 

Locating Traditional Theatre within Contemporary Practice

- G. Venu, assisted by Kapila Venu

- Sardono Kusumo, assisted by Bambang Besur Suryono

Plenary 3 

Locating Traditional Theatre within Contemporary Practice

- Li Qiu Ping

- Richard Emmert

Plenary 5 

Teaching What You Don’t Know: Intercultural Pedagogies in Performance

- Paul Rae


2nd Session 







2.30pm to 6pm

Keynote 2 

Engaging the Contemporary: Bridging China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the US

- Stan Lai

Plenary 2 

Reconsidering Acting: Traditional Theatre(s) and the Contemporary Stage

- Phillip Zarrilli

Plenary 4 

Shifting Perspectives: Intercultural Directing

- David Zinder


Panel 4 


& Q & A

Writing the Intercultural

- Erik Ehn


Aspects of the Intercultural: Teaching Southeast Asia to Acting Students

- Sumit Mandal


Concluding Remarks

- T. Sasitharan


1.00pm Close of Conference

3rd Session 


2.30pm to 4.20pm


Panel 1 

After TTRP: Locating Intercultural Practice

- Felimon Blanco

- Lin Mei Yun (Pei Ann)

- Sajeev Purushothama

Panel 2 

After TTRP: Working Interculturally

- Mohd Noushad

- Peter Sau

- Yeo Yann Yann

- Miyuki Kamimura

Panel 3  

Redirections: Directing Interculturally

- Kok Heng Leun

- Uichiro Fueda

- Makoto Sato

- Mitsuyo Uesugi

4th Session 


to 5.30pm

Q & A Q & A Q & A
6pm Close Close Close




An Evening with

Din Tai Fung

8pm Hamletmachine