Workshop for Actors and Directors by Lee Breuer & Maude Mitchell

Presented by National Arts Council in association with TTRP

Workshop for Actors and Directors

Lee Breuer and Maude Mitchell conducted the workshop especially conceived for actors and directors. Lee Breuer’s background in Postmodern Performance, together with Maude Mitchell’s in Meisner, made this workshop a rare training opportunity synthesised from a variety of acting and directing techniques. Mitchell, actor and dramaturg, has received an Obie for her role as Nora in Mabou Mines Dollhouse.

Directors presented 5- to 10-minute ‘working’ or ‘unfinished’ scenes of their choice, (classic or original) using actors of their choice. The participant had a choice to do the scenes in the preferred language and from either the Western or Asian traditions. Lee and Maude presented their critique and reworked scenes with the directors.  An assignment was set for participants to work on for the 2nd session. Actors presented short monologues of their choice to be reworked with the instructors. Original Mabou Mines exercises were introduced to the class and a script in English was submitted to the instructors. Up to 30 observers were allowed.

First session: 22 Jun 2007, 2pm–6pm

Second session: 24 Jun 2007, 2pm–6pm

Emily Hill – 11 Upper Wilkie Road