The Secret Souk

A play devised by cast and director

At this secret night market, villagers barter their daily wares as they eagerly exchange special tales – offerings intended to save their waning Moon. The latest cleverly crafted software helps them generate more stories, but the Moon continues to pale and the dominant Sun prolongs the days. Can they rediscover the true human spirit, and find the courage to tell the tales that matter? Traverse the byways of The Secret Souk, an inspiring series of twists and turns in this devised play with a warm, witty and capricious spirit. The production drew strongly from the many cultures of the cast.

Directed by Russell Cheek





Featuring the 3rd Cohort of graduating actor-students

- Hung Chit-Wah, Felix (Hong Kong)

- Sia Ee Mien (Singapore)

- Amelia Tan (Malaysia)

- Sankar C. Venkateswaran (India)

- Xu Jia Li (China)


2–4 Mar 2006, 8pm

4 & 5 Mar 2006, 3pm

Drama Centre Black Box