The Divine Wind and Tears Lost in the Rain

A play devised by cast and director

A dynamic and compelling work of physical theatre examining the kamikaze spirit. War is by no means something that starts overnight, but rather a very calculated preparation by political forces. The indoctrination of the glory of death and the brandishing of the rifle and sword from the corporeal expression of six actors reveal how humans can lose the sense of being Human. The cast underwent two and a half years of full-time contemporary theatre training, including immersions in Noh theatre from Japan, Beijing opera from China, Kutiyattam from India and Wayang Wong from Indonesia.

Director Leela Alaniz from Brazil taught them the corporeal mime techniques of Etienne Decroux and techniques derived from theatre anthropology. From these physical bases, this unique piece provided an entirely new dimension to language.


Directed by Leela Alaniz


Featuring the 4th Cohort of actor-students

- Amy Tam Ka Man (Hong Kong)

- Sia Ee Mien (Singapore)

- Seng Soo Ming (Malaysia)

- Sreejith Ramanan (India)

- Sajeev Purushothama Kurup (India)

- Alberto Ruiz Lopez (Mexico)

- Zachary Ho Tze Siang (Singapore)


22 Feb – 2 Mar 2008, 8pm

1 & 2 Mar 2008, 3pm

The Necessary Stage Black Box