The Caucasian Chalk Circle

By Bertolt Brecht

In the midst of betrayal, war and confusion, a baby cries…

Gusha finds him, but can she protect him from the treacherous Fat Prince?

Through wind and snow, and trying to elude the Fat Prince’s army of Ironshirts, she makes her way across the mountains towards her home village. What fate awaits Grusha and the child?

This lively production of Brecht’s well-loved classic featured performances from the 2nd cohort of graduating actor-students from TTRP.

In English and Mandarin, with subtitles in both languages


Directed by William Sun Huizhu

Featuring the graduating actor-students

- Maria Au Mong Chao (Macau)

- Felimon Blanco (The Philippines)

- Hung Pei Ching (Taiwan)

- Kamimura Miyuki (Japan)

- Adrianna Koralewska (Poland)

- Chris Lee Ban Loong (Singapore)

- Leung Hiu Tuen, Melissa (Hong Kong)

- Mohamed Kunju Noushad (India)

- Xiao Jian (China)


19–22 May 2005, 8pm

University Cultural Centre Theatre