Reconsidering contemporary acting and actor/performer training from intercultural perspectives

of Freie Universitaet (Berlin) presents:

A two part symposium – Reconsidering contemporary acting and actor/performer training  from intercultural perspectives

1)  ‘Mini’/Preliminary Seminar (Singapore – Nov 2012)

Part one will focus on the interface between ‘traditional’ and contemporary modes, models, processes, and techniques of intercultural acting, actor training, and performance.
The seminar will include presentations by several of ITI’s master teachers, work-demonstration/lectures including T. Sasitharan (Singapore), Phillip Zarrilli (UK), Gopalan Nair Venu (India) as well as panel discussions of ITI/TTRP alumni.

Speakers and Participants including
Punpeng Grisana, (Thailand), Fran Barbe (Australia), Kaite O’Reilly (UK, alternative dramaturgies), Christel Weiler and Thorston Jost (From Freie Universitet)

Singapore Respondents/Contributors including
Paul Rae (Singapore University), Tollis (LaSalle University),
Sardono (ITI traditional teacher), Alvin Tan (the Necessary Stage)
Raka Maitra (Odissi dancer/choreographer/teacher),
Natalie Hennedige (director)

Key Personnel/Institutions:
Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin), a research university in Germany and continental Europe.
Phillip B. Zarrilli (UK), Western Theatre Canon (Beckett); Kalarippayattu; and Director, Attempts on Her Life (September 2007), The Beckett Project (August 2006), The Water Station (September 2004)

Dates: 28 – 30 November, 2012
Where: Emily Hill,11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120

2) Symposium (Berlin – 2013)

At the end of this seminar there will be an evaluation and a further planning meeting toward Part 2 in Berlin in 2013.