So You Want To Be An Actor? – A Talk and Workshop

A talk and workshop on being an actor in contemporary theatre. Ideal for newer actors and open also to those with no prior training.

The Workshop, conducted by Peter Sau and T. Sasitharan, was based on the training conducted at Intercultural Theatre Institute (formerly TTRP), which has received accolades from around the world. Graduates of the 3-yearactor training programme have all gone on to meaningful careers in theatre, film, and theatre education in Singapore, Malaysia, France,Mexico, Poland, India, the Philippines, Japan,Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. The first half of the workshop was spent working on Movement, Voice, and Acting. The second half was spent on directed explorations of the text or Action Structure chosen by each participant.

  • Limited to 12 participants only
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Workshop Fee $50 (excludes lunch)
  • Register as a group of 3 and pay only $40 each!

The Talk featured Melissa Leung and Peter Sau speaking about their careers in theatre in Singapore and beyond. T. Sasitharan also provided details of the Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre (Acting) offered by ITI.

  • Admission is free of charge

T. Sasitharan (Sasi) is Co-Founder and Director of ITI, formerly the Theatre Training & Research Programme (TTRP).

Peter Sau is a bilingual performer, director and drama teacher who has done several plays in Singapore and abroad.

Melissa Leung is currently the Director of Education and Outreach of The Theatre Practice in Singapore.

8 Oct, 2011

Workshop : 9am–4:30pm (incl 1.5 hours lunch break)

Talk : 5pm–6:30pm

Emily Hill 11, Upper Wilkie Road