Continuity and Change in Classical Dance : A Conference on August 4th & 5th

CHOWK, a centre for dance who has been sharing ITI’s space is holding a conference entitled to Continuity and Change in Indian Classical Dance from 4 – 5 August 2012 in Studio 3 at Emily Hill.

All classical dance forms in India have gone through cycles of growth, decline and revival. The eight acknowledged classical forms that we are familiar with today, are a product of the dance renaissance in post-Independence India, and these forms are undergoing continual change and evolving with the times. This conference will focus on one of the eight forms, Odissi, and discuss the different stylistic variations that have emerged and evolved within the framework of this particular form.

TICKETS: S$15. Two-day package: S$25

STUDENT TICKETS: S$10. Two-day package: S$18

Ticket price includes lunch

For more information / enquiries and booking go to please visit: or call Raka (+65 9129 5110) or Sharanya (+65 96422542)