Movement Workshop for Actors

An introduction to understanding the physical body and its physiology in the context of performance.

A critical understanding of the art of Movement is essential to actor training. The bedrock of all acting is based on the apprehension of the actor’s body within the context of specific theatrical spaces. The deeper and more well-developed this apprehension is, the better the actor at commanding her space.

This workshop will be a sampler of the Movement method and pedagogy adopted in preparing the actor’s body to interpret, explore and express dramaticand theatrical meaning on the stage at Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI). These methods are taught in more detail in the module Movement for Acting & Performance in the full-time Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre (Acting).

Sirlei Terezinha Alaniz a.k.a Leela Alaniz is a Brazilian-born actress, Corporeal Mime artist and theatre director. She is also Artistic Director of Cie. Pas de Dieux Physical Theatre Company based in Paris. She has directed several shows and has taught courses in California, France, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. Leela is a Movement Teacher at ITI.

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Schedule – 31 March 2012

Time – 9am – 1pm

No. of participants – maximum 16

Minimum age – 16 years

Fee – $80

Venue – Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road.