Kabuki workshop by Intercultural Theatre Institute and The Esplanade

Kabuki workshop by Master Sumizo Hanayagi

A part of The Esplanade’s da:ns Festival, presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay in collaboration with Intercultural Theatre Institute.

Sumizo Hanayagi has been performing Kabuki since his childhood. He is a disciple of the third generation of grand master Jyusuke Hanayagi. In 2004, he passed the specialised examination in the Hanaga-style, attaining the title of Master.

Visit www.dansfestival.com for information on Sumizo-sensei’s performances in da:ns Festival, and www.iti.edu.sg for more information on Intercultural Theatre Institute.

Limited spaces are available, and priority will be given to practicing actors who are best placed to benefit from the work.

Fee: S$8

When: Sat 27 Oct 10am to 1pm

Where: Studio 1, Intercultural Theatre Institute, at Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road

How: email your name, IC, phone no and 1 short paragraph on your acting experience / training to sulin@iti.edu.sg. Your participation will be confirmed by ITI with an email.