Cloud Messenger

What is your message? Who is your beloved? What is your journey?

Directed by Alvin Tan
Written by Haresh Sharma

Inspired by Megha Duta, a Sanskrit lyric poem by Kalidasa

In the original poem, a yaksha [nature-spirit], after being exiled for a year, convinces a passing cloud to take a message to his wife by describing the beautiful scenery which the cloud will encounter on its journey to his wife.

The universal need for people to send messages; the need to know that we are safe, especially when we are apart from those we love. Cloud Messenger distils these experiences and feelings into an intimate and evocative performance.

Conceived by Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma from The Necessary Stage, this multilingual and inter-disciplinary production is a collaboration with some of Singapore’s leading artists, Bani Haykal, Brian Gothong Tan, Jaclyn Tan, Steve Kwek and design collective Neon Tights.

Devised with the cast: Denise Mordeno Aguilar, Giorgia Tsolaki Ciampi, Kalaiselvi Grace,  Jyothirmayi Kurup, Lina Yu, Pedro Simoni Talavera, Shakeel Ahmmad

Time: 8 & 9 Aug 2014, 8pm
Matinee on 9 Aug 3pm
Venue:: Drama Centre Blackbox at The National Library Lvl 5


View the full EDM here.