Open Studio 2015

5 reasons why you should choose ITI

1. World-first theatre education unlike any other
Unique, intercultural training modules that include four traditional Asian art forms, para-theatre skills and techniques, humanities and theatre theory, workshops and demonstrations + cross-cultural peer experience with cohorts who hail from over 15 countries.

2. Globally renowned faculty
Train under the most respected names in the specialised theatre fields of movement, acting, voice and Taiji, and learn from master-teachers in the forms of Wayang Wong, Kuttiyatam, Noh theatre and Beijing opera in a small student-to-teacher ratio.

3. Public performance experience
The varied modes of learning in ITI culminate in your final-year with actual public performances, where you will work with acclaimed theatre directors that prepare you for the professional stage.

4. Connections to an acclaimed alumni network
ITI’s impact goes beyond your graduation. Our worldwide award-winning alumni network (Most Outstanding Zambosurian (Philippines), Golden Horse Film Festival Award (Taiwan), Young Artist Award (Singapore) have collaborated on projects and work platforms and continue to do so. Join this growing interconnection soon.

5. Recognition in the real world
Our graduates contribute to the cultural landscape in significant ways everywhere – as artistic directors, directors, teachers and lecturers, actors in film and on stage, researchers and more. You will too.



• Director’s Address
Hear directly from co-founder and current director, T. Sasitharan (Cultural Medallion Recipient), on the unique curriculum of ITI and its impact on the cultural landscape.

• Ask-Me-Anything Sharing Session – with current students, faculty and alumni
Hear first-hand from our experienced faculty members and those who are undergoing training here. Or ask our warm alumni why and how ITI has made a difference.

• Noh Theatre Class
Sessions to witness and observe our actual Noh theatre class in action.

• ITI Graduates Photo Showcase
A visual journey into our graduates’ final-year productions + alumni achievements around the world.