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Preparing to Act:

Masterclass in
Michael Chekhov’s Integrated Technique

5 June, Sunday
2pm – 6pm (4 hours)
Fee: $80

Michael Chekhov was acknowledged by Stanislavsky as his most brilliant student.  However, contrary to Stanislavsky, he maintained that reliance upon an actor’s personal life history and emotional experience was far too limiting, and so he developed a training technique based upon working with images. In his book To The Actor, he states: “To develop a Theatre of the Future, actors will need to develop their Imaginations far beyond the actor training usual at the time.”

In his preparation towards what he termed “inspired acting” and “future theatre”, he emphasises training the imagination through Psycho-Physical exercises that use physical and speech gesture. These exercises provide the actor with a simple and practical means for calling up energy and emotions, while joining the actor’s psychology, body and voice with the unique character he or she is bringing to life.

In this Masterclass, we will explore Chekhov’s psycho-physical exercises, with a view to progressing your technique as an actor of future theatre.

Participants should be at least 18 years old, with basic experience in acting.
Maximum number: 25

About the teacher
Jane Gilmer is a full-time faculty member of ITI where she teaches Acting. She is an experienced performer, teacher and director of theatre. She trained in the speech and drama techniques of Rudolf Steiner infused with the work of Michael Chekhov, at the Harkness Studio Sydney in the 1980s. Born in New Zealand, she has lived and worked with theatre internationally for most of her life. Most recently she spent the past 10 years teaching theatre in Singapore and lecturing at the National Institute of Education, NTU. In 2008, Jane attained a diploma in Holistic Psychotherapy to deepen her pedagogical approach to teaching theatre. Her studies include the in-depth psychological work of C. G. Jung, particularly his work in psychological alchemy, and how this might be aligned with Steiner’s indications on Speech and Drama and Michael Chekov’s theatre technique.


2 July, Saturday
9am – 1pm (4 hours)
Fee: $80

The Movement Workshop for Actors will focus on introducing, guidance and exploration on basic and essential knowledge, skills and understanding of body movement application for theatre training.

From warm-ups to breathing, centering, weight shifting, body alignment and to  conditioning.

The participants will be guided towards exploration on selected movement composition and related elements for practical application.

Participants should be at least 18 years old, with basic experience / exposure to theatre training.
Maximum number: 20

About the teacher
Lim Chin Huat a full-time faculty member of ITI where he teaches Movement. Chin Huat is also a cross-disciplinary artist who has over two decades of experience in capacities as visual artist, performer, dancer, choreographer, costume designer, facilitator and educator.

In particular, Chin Huat is known for his stunning visual creative works with cross-disciplinary, site-specific, outreach and non-conventional in nature.

Chin Huat has worked with Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble (1990-1996), and later, as co-founder and artistic director with ECNAD (1996-2013). As a prolific creator, he has created more than 70 creative works, mainly full-length dance since 1993.

Some of his signature and collaborative works were seen and presented in Singapore Arts Festival, Belgrade International Theatre Festival, Vienna Arts Festival’s Asia Village, Festival of Asia (New Zealand), Asia Interaction (Indonesia), Actor Studio at Kuala Lumpur, Beijing’s Chaoyang Cultural Centre, Esplanade Raw Series, Gardens by The Bay Opening, Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, Artwine Festival, Singapore River Festival, MediaCorp Star Awards, Asian Civilisation Museum and others.

Chin Huat is a recipient of the Young Artist Award (2000), and a nominee for the Spirit of Enterprise Award (2004).

Preparing to Act–

From Contradiction
(4 spaces released)

16 July, Saturday
9am – 1pm  (4 hours)
Fee: $80

Preparing to Act – from Contradiction is a workshop that teaches the fundamentals required for acting using the idea of Contradiction as a core of training. Working from concepts such as Opposition, Precision and Spontaneity, this workshop offers a comprehensive guide to exploring the intricacies of action and its connection to any situation or scene.

Participants should be at least 18 years old, with basic experience / exposure to theatre training (minimum 1 year).
Maximum number: 16

About the teacher
Alberto Ruiz Lopez (a.k.a Beto) is a full-time faculty member of ITI and is its Head of Acting. Beto is an actor, director and teacher from Mexico. Prior to joining ITI, Beto had taught modules in acting, movement and Graham Technique since 1990.

Formerly the Director of the Company of Theatre from Jalisco, he has also helmed operas such as Verdi’s La Traviata and Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, and plays such as Dario Fo’s Un Dia Cualquiera and Alfred Jarry’s King Ubu. His work extends beyond his home country of Mexico to Poland; Texas, USA; and Colombia.