I Perform

Eight original works conceived and performed by graduating acting students

99.87 by Maria Au Mong Chao (Macau)

On 13.4.87, Portugal and China signed a joint declaration that Macau would be returned to China. On 20.12.99, after 444 years of Portuguese administration, Macau was returned to China. In those 444 years, Portugal did not instil its culture, 95% of the people of Macau could not speak the official language Portuguese, and knew nothing about Portugal. Now that China has announced its “One Country Two Systems” policy, how will the people of Macau deal with the questions of nationality and change of identity?


Formosa, Republic of China? By Hung Pei Ching (Taiwan)

I tell people I am from Taiwan, I-Lan. In the Olympics, our name is “Chinese Taipei”. My passport says “Republic of China”. Why can’t Taiwan be Taiwan? Why is Taiwan expected to return to China? Then why doesn’t Singapore return to Malaysia? Why is the question of ‘independence or reunification’ so problematic for Taiwan?

I, Pei Ching, Taiwanese in Singapore, 2004.


Be a Pierogi by Adrianna Koralewska (Poland)

Pierogi is the most traditional dish. As Polish as it gets. The best way to win a man is through his stomach. Even if he is not Mr Right…

The simple story of ‘every’ woman waiting for…at home. Timing the tea so it would be just ready when he comes back from work. “The stories of women in a world shaped by male interests.” The key word is power. The most powerful are the mass media which trap us within their constructs. “Our literary and cultural heritage is so heavily textured with these patterns that we think they are natural. What has been traditionally studied as ‘history’ is really history written by the winners; the dominant societies; the record of the male-dominant, authoritarian and war-centered societies.” (Men’s World, Women’s Place – Sexual Politics in the Hebrew Bible, Alice Bach)


The Silent Church by Felimon Blanco (The Philippines)

The story of a man’s struggle with his sexuality in the Catholic church. It portrays the anguish of a man silenced by his deep respect for his faith. But, he must make a choice – to follow the church teachings or his own desires. Which one will he choose? Will he remain in bondage forever?


Diary of a NUTcase (DoaN) by Chris Lee Ban Loong (Singapore)

A story about a father-son relationship in which the lack of faith in each other intertwines with love.


A Journey – from Jurong East to City Hall by Mohamed Kunju Noushad (India)

As a physical journey, crossing Singapore from East to West or North to South by MRT will only take one and a half hours. But mentally, it will continue forever.

Feeling we are one, but life is different. Shades of expression – people sleep, people read, people using their mobile phones, etc. Fingers talk more than mouths, these days. Modern life is so mechanical. And so many rules and regulations are imposed by the powers that be. Who am I? Where am I? Where is myself? People move from country to country for a more comfortable life. Physically I am one of them. We try to create culture without roots. And now terrorism seems to be controlling the world…

A few thoughts in the course of a journey.


The Falling House! by Leung Hiu Tuen, Melissa (Hong Kong)

‘He’ promised to buy us a house. So I wait in the house for him. Day by day, the old house is falling apart. Gradually I cannot even remember his face.


Glorious Mother by Xiao Jian (China)

Guihua, a villager in Northeast China, already has a daughter. She responds to the call of Chairman Mao, and the country, to have more children. But when she is six months pregnant, a policy change restricts each family to one child. Should she deliver the second child and bear the penalties? Abort the second? No, she must have a son! But with the second child delivered, the father might be arrested… If only the first were crippled, the law would allow her the second!


Mentors Kok Heng Leun, Jean Ng

Five of the eight works were performed in Hong Kong in a cultural exchange project between TTRP and On & On Theatre Workshop

Performed in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malayalam, Hindi and Polish


18–20 Nov 2004, 8pm

20 Nov 2004, 2.30pm, with talkback session 5pm–6.30pm

TTRP Studio 1, International Business Park, Singapore

27–29 Nov 2004

Cattle Depot Theatre, Hong Kong