By Heinrich Müller, translated by Carl Webber

Müller wrote Hamletmachine in 1977 in East Germany, and called it the description of a petrified hope, an effort to articulate a despair so that it can be left behind. Banned by the East German authorities, it received its first staging in Brussels in 1978. Created in an era when communism began to crumble and capitalist society was to emerge from the debris, the play places Hamlet and Ophelia in the midst of 20th century political, economic and social change.



Directed by Uichiro Fueda

Assisted by Miyuki Kamimura


Featuring an international cast

Graduating actor-students

- Amy Tam Ka Man (Hong Kong)

- Sia Ee Mien (Singapore)

- Seng Soo Ming (Malaysia)

- Sreejith Ramanan (India)

- Sajeev Purushothama Kurup (India)

- Alberto Ruiz Lopez (Mexico)

- Zachary Ho Tze Siang (Singapore)

TTRP graduate 2005

- Miyuki Kamimura (Japan)

Butoh Performer

- Mitsuyo Uesugi (Japan)


22–24 & 28–31 May 2008, 8pm

Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road