FYiP 2016

Final Year Individual Project 2016

ITI at Emily Hill
11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120


This event is by invitation only. Please email if you would like to attend.

Original works conceived and performed by ITI graduating actor-students
The final-year theatre making individual project is a critical and integral aspect of Intercultural Theatre Institute’s curriculum for actor training. This is a project that the student begins thinking about, preparing and planning for the moment s/he starts ITI.Combining the objectives of a performance with the exploratory intentions of a creative platform, FYiP is the search that each student in ITI undertakes in order to find his or her own voice in performance.



GROUP 1: 24 (Tue), 25 (Wed), 28 (Sat) May, 8pm

By Anildo Böes

Isolated from any social interaction, a man reveals to his captors the reasons for his extreme changes over the past month. In his testimony, he narrates the stages of transformation which he underwent (or had been subjected to), starting from the day he received a visit from a strange gentleman, a representative from the programming sector of Mefiz-Tofel Corporatio and a website developer well known for the creation of the most popular social media site in the world, of which the protagonist is also a user.


Recurrence 寻环
By Catherine Ho

When we say we seek closure, are we really doing so or are we just trying to give significance to those who are gone? Perhaps we fear the adage “time heals all wounds”; or, maybe we are afraid of forgetting. So we hold on to the possibility of their existence and tell ourselves that we can still be a part of their being.

Ling has lost someone really precious to her, and so has her mother. She realised that everyone around her has suffered some form of loss as well. Confronted with her own unresolved issues with loss, she seeks out the journey of after-life.

Unending Encounter: Retracing the Past and Reclaiming the Present
By Ramassamy S.

As an individual belonging to the Tamil tradition and culture, I pursue to search for my identity by retracing the culture and collective consciousness of ‘Tamil identity’, for which I intend to use the theatre space. My performance will be an experimental theatre activity through which I attempt to demonstrate the artefacts of Tamil identity, culture and tradition. By this performative demonstration, I will try to bring out what constitutes the collective and individual consciousness of the Tamil people. Traditional art forms, rituals, ceremonies, native music, tales and community activities of the Tamils will be presented for an audience consisting of enormously diverse individuals. The aspects of Tamil tradition and culture will be demonstrated through the physical activities (like gesture and body language) as well as using other theatrical possibilities.

It is certain that Tamil identity, as the case with other identities, is highly fluid and indefinite. It is not possible to claim a single monolithic identity or tradition for the Tamils. But there are certain common traits and patterns which differentiate a Tamil person from others. This theatre performance is aimed at brooding over what are those aspects. This is also an attempt to create an alternate theatre environment where one can celebrate culture and tradition through rituals, ceremonies and traditional art forms.



GROUP 2: 26 (Thu), 27 (Fri), 29 (Sun) May, 8pm

Mirrors of the Soul (Memory, History & Trauma)
By Soti Ramapati D.

Time passes along the maze that is life. A savant falls into a well, just as we would fall into the low ebb of life.

He wakes up shuddering on the thin rope between life and death, lost in utter darkness. He searches for light and discovers hidden possibilities, surviving demands he transforms his body and his memories.

Will he escape through the mass’ mouths?

Enter a journey at the heart of the mystery of change.

Facing up
By Elizabeth (Liz) Sergeant Tan

A naive narrator, ignorant of the real world, comes face-to-face with two mysterious creatures of the night. She invites the audience to join her in recapturing her otherworldly encounters. Come and meet a birdman dancing devil-may-care, and a wintry eyed woman who eats men like air.

Un-chase 弃逐
By Cerys Ong

Her, the protagonist. She is human and machine, flesh and ego, yet at times also none of these. ‘Un-chase’ is the attempt of reconciling various phases of self-identification and self-worth in the span of one human life. Exploring the experiences and growth ‘Her’ gains from toddler to an aged lady, she lands herself in the realisation that perhaps these stages of start and end are not too different after all.  What happened in between?

I Know Your Eyes….
By Kady Cheung

She is very successful in her career and commended as a smart problem-solver by many people. She is determined and ready to have her child aborted today. Remembering her mother who has passed away not long ago, she questions, complaints and confesses. A mother-daughter relationship with fear, doubts, tension and helplessness unfolds.