FYiP 2015

The final-year theatremaking individual project is a critical and integral aspect of Intercultural Theatre Institute’s curriculum for actor training. Combining the objectives of a performance with the exploratory intentions of a creative platform, FYiP is the search that each student in ITI undertakes in order to find his or her own voice in performance.

- 19 Nov, Thu, 7pm
- 20 Nov, Fri, 7pm
- 21 Nov, Sat, 3pm
- 21 Nov, Sat, 7pm


Sons Of Heaven
Conceived by Yazid Jalil
Az-Zazil loves his Creator and does many things to please Him. He leaves his kind to pursue divinity. After 50 millennia of worship, he attains the highest rank, Guardian of Heaven, only to find himself spiralling down a path he could never have imagined. Is this a typical tale of the white knight’s fall from grace? “There is a God. And there are figures who play God.”

Ring In A Desert
Conceived by Al-Matin Yatim
Mamat, your friendly furniture guy, had a decent day at work until an annoying incident ruined it – a situation perhaps most of us have experienced before, get so irritated by but can’t do anything about, except to curse secretly in our hearts. But, Mamat doesn’t stop there. He delves into his pseudo-psychedelic spiritual reasons that brought him from floating in outer space to swimming in the cell, just to find the wisdom behind it.

Fragments: The Stewardess, A Panda and The Man Who Chokes
Conceived by Chang Ting Wei
A piece of meat travels from a man’s mouth to a woman’s face. Chaos happens on an aircraft. A panda mama tears her child into pieces. A flight attendant Princess helps a man who chokes. A woman conceives secretly but separates from her husband. A piece of meat travels and weaves people together in an aircraft which makes you question human identity and its existence from various points of view.