Current and Future Challenges of Contemporary Chinese Theatre by Lin Kehuan

Lin Kehuan, Director of the Chinese Theatre Literature Association, is a renowned performing arts critic in China and Hong Kong. The positions he has held include Director of China Youth Arts Theatre, Assistant Director at the Chinese Dramatic Arts Research Association and Assistant Director of the Chinese Theatre Literature Association. After graduating from Ji Nan University’s Chinese faculty in 1965, Lin went on to join China Youth Theatre (now known as National Theatre Company of China) as their literature adviser and department head, and was later promoted to Director and Artistic Director of the company. Since his retirement in 2003, he serves as Honorary Director at the Chinese Theatre Literature Association. Over the past 30 years, Lin has contributed over 170 articles on theatre, arts, dance, photography, television, movie, and installation art to journals and publications across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Brussels, Singapore and Thailand. He has also been invited to various international arts conferences and festivals in countries in Europe and Asia.

21 Apr 2007, 3pm–5pm

Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road