Creating Our Artistic Home: Consolidating, expanding, and refining a history of practice

Presented by Intercultural Theatre Institute and Theatre Cell

ITI, together with theatre collective, Theatre Cell, hosted a dialogue session on August 24. The intention was to offer a platform for emerging artists and veterans to share their views about their “homes” in theatre.

Close to one-hundred people gathered at Emily Hill to hear seasoned theatre practitioners Nelson Chia, Chong Tze Chien, Natalie Hennedige, Irfan Kasbah, Kok Heng Leun, Alvin Tan and Claire Wong, speak about their experiences.  ITI Director T. Sasitharan (Sasi) moderated the lively, spirited exchanges with the audience. Three new groups – Couch Theatre, How Drama, Our Company and collective TheatreStrays were invited and did short introductions on themselves and their work. In the audience were many theatre practitioners, educators and also students who later remarked that they appreciated hearing advice given by the veterans on many of the issues and concerns facing them as they considered a career in the arts.

Many stayed behind, well beyond the lunch hour to continue sharing.