Kabuki workshop by Intercultural Theatre Institute and The Esplanade

Kabuki workshop by Master Sumizo Hanayagi A part of The Esplanade’s da:ns Festival, presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay in collaboration with Intercultural Theatre Institute. Sumizo Hanayagi has been performing Kabuki since his childhood. He is a disciple of the third generation of grand master Jyusuke Hanayagi. In 2004, he passed the specialised [...]

Continuity and Change in Classical Dance : A Conference on August 4th & 5th

CHOWK, a centre for dance who has been sharing ITI’s space is holding a conference entitled to Continuity and Change in Indian Classical Dance from 4 – 5 August 2012 in Studio 3 at Emily Hill. All classical dance forms in India have gone through cycles of growth, decline and revival. The eight acknowledged classical [...]

Preparing to Act…

A primer for new actors looking to begin a professional career in stage performance This short course addresses fundamentals in acting training, with the aim of preparing the new actor for further intensive and practical study in stage performance. Based on the training conducted at Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI), the course provides an in-depth introduction [...]

Movement Workshop for Actors

An introduction to understanding the physical body and its physiology in the context of performance. A critical understanding of the art of Movement is essential to actor training. The bedrock of all acting is based on the apprehension of the actor’s body within the context of specific theatrical spaces. The deeper and more well-developed this [...]

Interculturality and the Danger of Trivializing Asian Traditions

ITI Director T. Sasitharan gave a lecture on ‘Interculturality and the Danger of Trivializing Asian Traditions’ (L’Interculturalité et le danger de labanalisation de la tradition asiatique). The event was organised by Pas de Dieux, Paris. For more details, please click here.   19 Oct 2011, 1pm Studio Phillipe Genty Entry Free with Reservation 20 Oct 2011, [...]

So You Want To Be An Actor? – A Talk and Workshop

A talk and workshop on being an actor in contemporary theatre. Ideal for newer actors and open also to those with no prior training. The Workshop, conducted by Peter Sau and T. Sasitharan, was based on the training conducted at Intercultural Theatre Institute (formerly TTRP), which has received accolades from around the world. Graduates of the 3-yearactor training programme have [...]

UB Arts Management Summer School 2011

The UB Arts Management Summer School 2011 of the Arts Management Programme of University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York, is a collaboration between UB and TTRP. This was the first UB Arts Management Summer School to be held outside Europe, the previous ones having taken place at the Venice Biennale (2009), Finland [...]

Yeo yann yann

“There are all kinds of pleasant surprises everyday as well as all kinds of disheartening moments. So everyday is a memorable experience.” ~ Yeo Yann Yann, Malaysia

May Fung

“Its synthesis of the traditional theatre training systems and contemporary actor training approaches is both innovative and of significance for having started a unique heritage of performing/ theatre arts” ~ May Fung, Deputy School Supervisor, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity,& former Council Member, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

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ITI’s second graduation show is taking place from 8-9 August at Drama Centre @ The National Library. For more information click here.