International Students

New international students are advised to arrive in Singapore 5 – 7 working days before the semester begins. An orientation briefing will be conducted to introduce you to the practical aspects of living in Singapore. It is also during this week prior to the beginning of the new academic year that you will be able to settle in at your accommodation and make arrangements for bank accounts, medical checks and other requirements for your student pass.

Support for international students

We will provide the following assistance to first-year international students:

  • Student’s Pass application
  • Airport pick-up service on arrival
  • Advice and administrative assistance on accommodation if required

Please note that the information provided here serves a guide only and students are advised to do their own research regarding procedures and budgeting.

Student’s Pass and Other Immigration Matters

International students must obtain the Student’s Pass from the Singapore immigration authorities, as well as any necessary visa or permit from their own country, before they come to Singapore to begin their programme at ITI. You should proceed to this stage after you have been accepted by ITI and signed the Student Contract.

It is advisable to allow two to six months for the processing time of a Student’s Pass and other paperwork by Singapore authorities from the date the application is submitted. Requirements for supporting documents, deposits, etc vary for students of different nationalities.

For more details, please visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website. New applications are to be submitted via the ICA Student’s Pass OnLine Application & Registration+ ( SOLAR+) system. ITI is a registered PEO (private education organisation) and this is the category to access for your application via SOLAR+. Fees payable for the application of the Student’s Pass include a processing fee, an issuance fee, a security deposit (if applicable) and a banker’s guarantee.

We will assist by supplying advice, appropriate letters of support, and some administrative assistance.

Please note that the ICA requires regular attendance and will cancel the Student’s Pass if a student fails to attend classes for a continuous period of seven days or more without any valid reason or his/her percentage of attendance for the programme in any of the month is 90% or below without any valid reason. You should also note all other terms and conditions on which ICA issues the Student’s Pass.

Housing and Accommodation

We will provide, upon request, advice and administrative assistance to any student to help secure housing for the duration of the programme. Options for students include student hostels or renting rooms or flats.

Living Expenses


Public bus – One-way single journey bus-rides on a prepaid EZ-link card costs between S$0.71 and S$1.94; higher for non-EZ and special services.

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train – One-way single journey on a prepaid farecard costs between S$0.71 and S$1.94; higher for non-farecard.

Taxis – Basic fares start from S$3.20, excluding various surcharges.


Affordable local food is widely available almost anywhere. Food at hawker centres and neighbourhood eateries costs from S$3.50 for a one-dish meal based on rice or noodles, and S$1.20 for a soft drink (slightly more in food courts). A fast food meal costs S$6.00-7.50.

More expensive local and foreign fare is available from cafes and restaurants. Singapore offers food from all corners of the globe.

Utility and Phone Bills:

A utility bill for a single occupant in a flat can range from S$60 to S$90 or, for a family of five, can average S$200. However student hostels usually include utilities in their rent.

Mobile phone expenditure can range from S$30 to S$50 a month for a mobile phone plan. Prepaid cards start at S$10 and can be topped up. Usage rates vary among service providers.

One company charges 5 cents per local text message, and 22 cents for the first minute and 8 cents for subsequent minutes for local phone calls.

Medical Services:

A consultation with a private general practitioner for flu costs S$30-40 (including medication).

Private dental services cost about S$55-75 (scaling and polishing) and S$55-75 (a tooth filling).