Financial Assistance

ITI recognises that many students have financial difficulties and find it hard to afford the full fees as well as living expenses in Singapore for all 3 years of the programme.

Students are strongly encouraged to raise grants or other support in their home countries. ITI will provide advisory services and supporting documentation should you need them.

ITI is an independent charity that works hard at fundraising to enable us to offer financial assistance to as many students who need it as possible. As funds are always limited and vary from year to year, the amount of financial assistance will also vary.


Eligibility for financial assistance:

For all schemes, you must be an enrolled student to be eligible.

For some schemes there may be additional requirements imposed by donors and funders, such as nationality.


Types of assistance:

1. Möbius Fund

The Möbius Fund is a student revolving loan fund from ITI. It provides low-interest loans to help pay your fees and/or expenses. Upon graduation, you must begin to repay the loan. These repayments will replenish the fund capital so that other students can continue to benefit from the loan fund. Interest charges only take effect one year after you graduate.

2. Bursaries

The bursaries that are available vary every year, depending on donors and funders.

3. Scholarships

The scholarships available and the respective terms and conditions vary every year, depending on donors and funders. All scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis. Scholarships for the following year can be found in the Financial Assistance Fact Sheet below.


Documents available for download:


Advisory and Administrative Services

Please contact us at for more information or if you need assistance with supporting documents for your own funding applications.

Previously, the following organisations have provided support to students:

●      Lee Foundation (Singapore)
●      Hokkien Huay Kuan (Singapore)
●      Hong Kong Theatre Association
●      Cultural Institute of Macau
●      National Culture & Arts Foundation of Taiwan
●      The Philippines National Commission for Culture and the Arts
●      Ministry of Culture of Poland
●      Taipei Business Association in Singapore