Academic Year

Tuition Fee per annum S$18,000 (including 7% GST)
Registration Fee one-time S$214 (including 7% GST, non-refundable)
Medical Insurance Premium per annum S$117.70 (including 7% GST, non-refundable)
FPS Insurance Premium 3% of total fees

The total course fees are payable in six instalments over three years. The full payment schedule will be in the Student Contract.

Please note that fees shown here may be subject to change.


FPS is required by the Council for Private Education (CPE) for the protection of the student’s course fees. FPS serves to protect students’ fees in the event ITI is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. It also protects students if ITI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgement made against it by the Singapore courts.

ITI has adopted the fee insurance scheme for its FPS. For more information about FPS, click here or visit the CPE website.


All students are required to purchase medical insurance which provides coverage for hospitalisation and surgery expenses. Students are provided with group medical insurance coverage with an annual limit of S$20,000 per student, as charged in B2 wards (6-bedder) in Singapore Government/Singapore Government Restructured Hospitals and 24 hours coverage. The annual premium shall be collected with other fee payments as shown in the course fees schedule of the Student Contract.

To view the insurance policy details, click here.



All fees are to be paid in Singapore dollars only. Course fees are payable upon receipt of an invoice for each instalment. Payment may be made in the following ways:

  1. Cheque/Cashier’s Order in SGD (made payable to “Intercultural Theatre Institute Ltd”)
  2. Cash (made at the ITI Administration Office)
  3. Singapore bank transfer
  4. Telegraphic transfer (for international students only; all bank charges are to be borne by the student)

ITI’s bank information may be found in the invoice.



Should a student choose to withdraw from the programme, the student may be entitled to a refund of all or some of the course fees, depending on the circumstances of the withdrawal.

●      Withdrawal Policy & Procedure
●      Refund Policy & Procedure