It Won’t Be Too Long: The Cemetery

ITI’s graduating cohort, Al-Matin Yatim, Chang Ting Wei and Yazid Jalil will be part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015 in Drama Box’s production – It Won’t Be Too Long: The Cemetery. Unfolding in two parts (Dawn and Dusk), The Cemetery examines the notion and reality of a burial ground – looking in [...]

Between spontaneity and precision – discover the balance between these points to use in your acting. Two Saturdays: 3 & 10 Oct workshop led by our faculty member Beto Ruiz. Find out more.

Preparing to Act

An Itinerary of Strategic Points for Action Preparing to Act is a two-day workshop that teaches the fundamentals required for any style of acting. Learn from Mexican director and actor Beto Ruiz – who has 15 years of teaching experience – how to balance rigorous precision and spontaneity in acting. Based on the training at [...]