FYiP 2014

Final-Year Individual Project 2014 Seven 20-minute original works conceived and performed by ITI graduating actor-students Venue:Intercultural Theatre Institute, Studio 1 Emily Hill at 11 Upper Wilkie Road Time: 29 Aug, Fri, 7.30PM 30 Aug, Sat, 3PM 30 Aug, Sat, 7.30PM The final-year theatre-making (individual) project is a critical and integral aspect of Intercultural Theatre Institute’s [...]

AIC 2014

NEW INTERCULTURAL THEATRE: METHODS, TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES OF MAKING CONTEMPORARY THEATRE The Asian Intercultural Conference (AIC) 2014 is a global gathering of actors, writers, directors, scholars and researchers with an interest in the “Asian Intercultural”. Asia encompasses a vast diversity. Within its bounds are societies, histories and forms of life that constantly feed theatre; from its teeming transnational [...]