Preparing to ACT: A Demo-cum-Workshop on Action!

by Guillermo Angelelli Action is the stuff of Acting. There’s no dodging it. Understanding the principles of action is the beginning to understanding acting. The nature of action – its truth and integrity, its shape and consistency, its connection to the body and breadth, and its infinite variety – are the foundation of any credible [...]

Workshop in Theatre, Mime and Movement

by Sara Mangano & Pierre-Yves Massip Beyond words… An understanding of the power, subtlety and diversity of Movement in performance is critical for actors and dancers. The bedrock of all performance is the awareness of the moving body in space and time. Be led into this universe of action, gesture, movement and mime by a [...]

Reconsidering contemporary acting and actor/performer training from intercultural perspectives

ITI and THE INSTITUTE FOR INTERWEAVING PERFORMANCE CULTURES of Freie Universitaet (Berlin) presents: A two part symposium – Reconsidering contemporary acting and actor/performer training  from intercultural perspectives 1)  ‘Mini’/Preliminary Seminar (Singapore – Nov 2012) Part one will focus on the interface between ‘traditional’ and contemporary modes, models, processes, and techniques of intercultural acting, actor training, [...]

The Straits Times – “$200m to spur private funding for arts, culture”

26 February 2013 Life! reported the establishment of this fund by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and reported Sasi’s comments that the fund will help develop private philanthropy for the arts sector, especially from individuals, and that this would eventually relieve the pressure on government coffers. Sasi was quoted as saying that the fund [...]

The Straits Times Life! – “Theatre Institute First Open House”

26 February 2013 Life! reported ITI’s first open house from Thursday to Mar 6. It will include open studio sessions, a workshop and a presentation. The institute is now accepting applications for next year’s intake of students for the Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre (Acting). During the open studio sessions, potential applicants can chat with [...]

Arts Community Town Hall Meeting on Manifesto for the Arts

17 March 2013 Sasi was amongst the originators of a draft Manifesto for the Arts intended for inclusion in the National Conversation and further dissemination. The ArtsEngage discussion group organised the first Town Hall meeting for the arts community on the draft at Emily Hill with the support of Six Degrees. This was attended not [...]

Students’ Noh Theatre Presentation 2013

6 March 2013 After 10 weeks’ immersion in Noh with master teacher Kanze Yoshimasa and teacher Kuwada Takashi from the Kanze Kyuhkohkai, the 1st and 2nd-year students presented what they had learned in a presentation at The Necessary Stage Black Box. Invitations were restricted to ITI’s faculty, Board of Examiners, staff, alumni, and a select [...]


28 February For the first time, ITI held an Open Studios day, welcoming prospective students, theatre-lovers, and colleagues from the arts community. The visitors heard an introduction, then observed classes by Voice and Speech Teacher Robin Payne, Movement Teacher Leela Alaniz (aka Sirlei Terezhina Alaniz) and Noh Master Teacher Kanze Yoshimasa. They lunched with students, [...]